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Order policy

You can always contact us:
∞ leaving a message to the email address:
∞ making an order independently on our website Online 
∞ or contact a personal consultant, who will take your order, by phone from Monday till Friday from 9:00 to 19:00. After 19:00 - by calling one of the boutiques.
Phone personal consultant:
[Kyivstar] (067) 505 33 50;
[Kyivstar] (067) 692 75 05
[Kyiv] (044) 502 23 46

Packing products

The products are placed in a convenient packaging:

Cardboard foil striping

Food corrugated board


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Delivery policy

How to make an order:
·         independently on our website  in  the   OnlineBoutique (active link to the Online Boutique section  )
- choose a product
- choose Boutique (if you are willing to collect the order yourself)
- define a suitable for you day and time
- make the payment of the order
- contact the call- centre  operator, who is always glad to take your  order by phone :
Tel. (067) 323 14 21 till 19.00.
Orders with delivery:
·         You can make an order every day,Mon-Sat: 9.00.- 19.00. Sun: please contact one of the Boutiques by telephone choosing the address most convenient for you.
·         Delivery of the product - from 7: 00 to 9: 00, and from 11: 00  to 17: 00.
·         Minimal cost of the order 1000 UAH.
Cost of delivery - 150- 300 uah depeding of the distance.
·         You can get a discount for large orders.
·         Payment is made through the online  shop.
Kiev, st. Peter Sagaydachnogo, 10/5